Andrzej Szczypiorski, , Warsaw, photo. He won enormous renown for his novel Początek / The Beginning, (known in Germany and elsewhere as The. Poczatek [Andrzej Szczypiorski] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Andrzej Szczypiorski’s novel Początek (literally: “The beginning,” but translated into English under the title The Beautiful Mrs. Seidenman) may be read as.

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Oct 03, Tyrese L. An interesting disappointment — disappointing because the writing did not live up to praise I’d read for it andrrzej because it created an oddly disjointed sensation.

Pg 30 Christians considered themselves superior,perhaps precisely because although being in the minority, they nevertheless felt themselves to be favored by the world. Here follows the thoughts of a man hiding in an out-house; “God have pity on me. But it wouldn’t have mattered if the setting was in another place or at another time.

Andrzej Szczypiorski manages to get an excellent balance between the dark sadness of those days and the humour as individuals engage with each other and carry on some sort of normal life.

Szczypiorski was born in and took part in the uprising and so szczypiorsik novel feels authentic in the scenes it portrays. Fourteen hours of slave labor a day. But the men and women who survive somehow manage andrzek hang on to at least a vestige of their faith. The writing remains satirical.

And the deft, unexpected switches! Life is bleak and without warmth. A story of Poland told through several stories of people who are living in Warsaw, Poland and generally is set in WWII though it does span andrzejj several years and into more modern times.


He bristles and baulks and protests – why her? Instead, Szczypiorski circles back again and again until our vision of this world becomes clearer. Anyone with any interest in the war needs to read this book. The author gave each person their unique voice but also was able to speak through his characters to give the reader insight into Poland. In the end, Szczypiorski, in an appealingly wry, ironic tone, takes a long, long view.

And Spiegelman is not whom I’m looking for. Forse un po’ troppo raffinato per i miei gusti.

Początek | Open Library

Some of the talk about totalitarianism is kind of above my head. He was a radiologist. Did he write a book with an elegant lady portrayed on the cover? Do you remember the nationality of the author, by any chance? I don’t know what the context was because it’s literally just there, pretty much all by itself. Of this she was almost certain. The characters were all intimately presented and we get to know their inner thoughts and how others see them.

The Beautiful Mrs. Seidenman

Here was the center of the earth, the axis of the universe, because here Szczpyiorski Himself had established the core of creation, had placed His index finger centuries ago and with it had drawn the circle encompassing all meaning of human lives. They are the reason I hope to read this book a few more times in this lifetime.

It’s always some trifle that decides everything. But it wasn’t just partings. Warsaw in was Nazi-occupied, times are fucking shitty, people are even fucking shittier, and there’s this beautiful Mrs. It is so absurd! There are some cool scenes for sure.

Seidenman’ is a little misleading, yes there is a Mrs Seidenman Irma Seidenmanwho uses her looks, goes by the name of Maria Magdalena Gostomka, and has a set of false papers as a way to deceive the Germans, until an informer turns her over to the Gestapo.


Power has shifted from the well-educated to the streetwise and unscrupulous. Jan 06, Bill rated it it was amazing Shelves: Questo salto temporale co Credeva di essere padrone delle proprie scelte.

The characters here are faced with moral dilemmas and have to make important choices in the span of a few minutes. Denunciation her by prewar acquaintance and subsequent imprisonment launches series of events aimed at her release and forms a circle, the whole chain of people of good will who because of her or of the memory of her late husband are doing everything possible to get her released.

He was educated in the underground university mentioned in the book. I hope I hit a better patch soon. Seidenman was able to change her documentation and live openly, only to be betrayed and imprisoned.

I call that sloppy. She has covered her tracks, gotten new identity papers.

The narrative is descriptive, but not on the level of a classic. A choreography worthy pocxtek an Oscar. He looks like the perfect candidate for the compassionate humanist, with his classical background, his Lucian and Tacitus, but on the other hand, he finds Mrs Seidenman extremely attractive. The Polish population is oppressed by the occupying Germans and gets by day after day.