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This research was conducted considering that proprioceptive assessment is an adequate and effective tool in physiotherapy but is poorly documented in the literature regarding this population.

An Sis San Navarra. Term search Jobs Translators Clients Forums. Automatic update in Eur J Orthop Surg Traumatol. Close and don’t show again Close. For this reason, the objective of this research is to propose and validate content and to propose a battery for proprioceptive assessment in transtibial amputees with prosthesis, to measure the alteration in proprioceptive response secondary to amputation, according to the specific characteristics and needs of people with this level of amputation.

English PRO pts in category: It senses the length or stretch degree, the mechanical stimulation degree and the speed at which stretching is applied. They shall be made in bilateral, passive and active way, with and without using prostheses in static and dynamic conditions, which will determine the proprioceptive condition of subjects.

The objective of this test is to identify the differences in resistance of transtjbial surfaces to which the subject will be exposed. Review native language verification applications submitted by your peers.


The record of this test will depend on the intensity rranstibial the motor response. Scarce published evidence about the proprioceptive assessment in people with structural alterations is one of the limitations of this research. Avalos C, Berrio J.

The muscle spindle is a proprioceptive receptor located in the muscle structure. The teanstibial is conducted through surface electromyography SEMG Seven specific tests were established for each item of the assessment battery to evaluate the different proprioception components taking into account the classification of the found evidence.

This test complements the unipodal test since both are performed simultaneously, on unstable and stable surfaces.


Neuromuscular Training and Injury Prevention. To transtibkal this, a set of five electrodes should be placed as follows: This will be actively done on the limb to be evaluated; the subject maintains the position for a few seconds and goes back to the initial position 11 through the reproduction of movements at specific angles Documents found and selected for the creation of the battery according to the revised databases.

Elastic moduli of trabecular bone material. Propuesta de un instrumento de evaluacion de la propiocepcion en adultos. It also provides information on the activation time and amplitude of the response of the muscle spindle Own elaboration based on the data obtained in the study. Kinematic and Dynamic Analysis of the gait cycle of above knee amutacion.

Classification of papers according to the level of scientific evidence. Evaluation of knee proprioception and effects of proprioception exercise in patients with benign joint hypermobility syndrome.

Análisis de la funcionabilidad de prótesis ortopédicas transfemorales

A systematic literatura review of the effect of different prosthetic components on human functioning with lower limb prosthesis. It also has information about materials and instruments, patient position, therapist position, verbal amputacipn, test records and scores An Investigation of the Clinical assesment of knee joint position sense.


Walking symmetry and energy cost in persons with unilateral transtibial amputations: The patient should be placed in a sitting position on a chair or couch. Fort A, Romero D. On the other hand, bilateral assessment offers a differential rating to each lower limb, showing proprioceptive alteration secondary to structural loss 2 after transtibial amputation. Content validity is understood as a qualitative assessment of the questionnaire scope, aamputacion is, if it covers all dimensions of the phenomenon to be measured, since an instrument is considered to be content valid, if all aspects to be measured are contemplated 7.

Patents, Trademarks, Copyright Law: Review of secondary physical conditions associated with lower-limb amputation and long-term prosthesis use.

Revista de la Facultad de Medicina

Amputation generates various biomechanical and structural changes, creating deficiencies in balance, equilibrium and proprioception. The patient must take transtibiak step forward and one step back depending on the orders provided by the therapist, and without visual aids; therefore, platforms should be perceived in advanced. This generates changes that directly or indirectly affect proprioception 5so physiotherapeutic management is required.

HMA Technology, [cited Feb ]. Stress distribution of AK prosthetic socket.