Ambattha Sutta contains two special moments: 1) the mention of the possession by the Buddha of an illusory body (this can be seen in the. With Ambaṭṭha. So I have heard. At one time the Buddha was wandering in the land of the Kosalans together with a large Saṅgha of around five hundred. Ambattha Sutta. Preached at Icchānankala when Ambattha-mānava visited the Buddha (D.3). Reference is made to the Commentary on this sutta where a.

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He dwells having conquered the sea-girt land without a stick or sword, by the law. The Buddha will open the door. Ambattha approached them and said, “Where is the Reverend Gotama to be ambatthaa just now? This site uses cookies.

Word meanings ambatta from the Ambatthq Dictionary of Buddhism. See how your teacher has let you down! Ambatgha, although much is often made of the incongruity of the signs with physical facts, most of them are not hard to visualize, with a little imagination. The Blessed One will not find it difficult to hold conversation with such. The Khattiyas, the Brahmins, the merchants and the artisans.

Crouching down close to the Lord, he said, “What did the Reverend Gotama say? Similarly, a disgraced Brahman would be expelled from his caste, ssutta the Brahmans would honour a disgraced Kshatriya. The monks considered Ambattha and thought, “This is Ambattha, a youth of good family and a pupil of the distinguished Brahmin Pokkharasati.

Pokkharasadi is rude and not restrained — he kicks Ambattha with his foot. Would he be offered a seat or water among the Brahmans? All this, says Buddhaghosa, was brutum fulmen. Ambattha, with all the pride and arrogance of youth, traveled by carriage with an entourage of young men into the dense jungle where Buddha was.

Sutta 1 Sutta, 2 nt. The rights of the peasants to the other half, and to the use of the common and waste and woods, would remain to them. The name of the Shakyans, on the other hand, means, strong as teak saka.


Ambattha Sutta: 1 definition

And he could see all of ambattja except for two. When he said this, those students said to him: Now at that time a number of the brethren were walking up and down in the open air.

They do not deserve censure for such a trifle. Then the Lord said to Ambattha, “Ambattha, I have a fundamental question for you, which you will not like to answer.

But Ambattha remains silent. And, Ambattha, I am the passer-on of the Mantras, and you ambatth the receiver. Thinking, “The ascetic Gotama bears me ill-will” he said, “Reverend Gotama, the Sakyans are fierce, rough spoken, touchy and violent. May the Reverend Gotama pardon him. What a wiseacre; what a dullard; what an expert, forsooth, in our threefold Vedic lore.

How wonderful are the teachings of buddha.

3. Ambattha Sutta

Suppose a king, either seated on the neck of his elephant or on the back of his horse, or standing on the footrug of his chariot []should discuss some resolution of state with his chiefs or princes. For this idiom, not in Childers, see M.

3. Ambattha Sutta | Three Vajras

Childers says following the Sanskrit dictionaries bars ‘of iron. Sutts is well born, Gotama, and of good family; he is versed in the sacred hymns, an able reciter, a learned man. Childers is quite wrong about this word. Your conceit of being trained is due to nothing but inexperience. To judge from the bas reliefs–and I cannot call to mind any Pi t aka passage contradicting them–the women lay women of course, the Sisterhood wore robes from the shoulders downwards have only very elaborate headdresses and necklaces, a skirt from the waist to the ankles, and a very broad and handsome girdle worn over ambatthx top of the skirt.

The eight kinds of vijja are detailed therein. And the Blessed One said to him: We have come to see the Reverend Gotama. And the inference from both our passages is that the knowledge is scattered through the Brahman texts. So Buddhaghosa; but he gives no further details as to the terms; of the grant, or of the tenancy.

Only an historical explanation of the meaning of the marks can here guide us to suttz is inferred. This is the fourth drain that affects this supreme knowledge and conduct. And he saw them all plainly, save only two. Deliver me from this dirt and I will bring you profit! The chariot of the time, as represented on the bas reliefs, had standing room for four passengers, the steeds wore plumes on their heads, and had their manes and ambwttha elaborately plaited.

And he stuck out his tongue and stroked back and forth on his ear holes and nostrils, and covered his entire forehead with his tongue. What do amnattha think, Ambattha?