The Survivors Series is currently out of print. But you can read the first three books in the series for free on Wattpad. Come visit. Have more questions? Fill out the. The Survivors was published on March 28, by The idea for the series came to life in June while Havard was driving. Buy The Survivors by Amanda Havard (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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I loved how their old world views clashed with the world’s more modern day views.

The Survivors

She lived in style. They cover everything from Witches, Vampires, Shape-Shifters and more are. Talk about a pleasant surprise! I read a few reviews before starting the book that felt Havard was pushing her religious beliefs on the readers.

Sadie spends her life on a world-wide mission. I do not know if it is the fangirl inside of me, but I just couldn’t see why she fell in love with Other Guy.

Sophie encounters two men with whom the romance could be intriguing. They try super-duper hard not to hunt humans, and when they do they go for bad guys and criminals. Sophie appears to be perfect but is filled with imperfections.

Sadie questions things, she is open minded and she always wants to survivvors more. If all those wonderful features translate to those devices the simplest ones, not just the tablet ones then this is the new frontier for ebooks.

Sadie was a fascinating character. Three words made this book a must read for me. To read more reviews please visit me at http: And even though is was clear that she wasn’t human, her need to fit in and the internal struggle to find peace was something we can all relate to, in some way or another. There are distinctive style difference though. This book however, had it all love, mythology, magic, action, mystery, and travel. I would have liked to see her relationship s develop a bit slower.


Another thing that felt very strange to me was the relationship development ths Sadie and Cole, and then Sadie and Everett.

Looking for The Survivors? — Amanda Havard

Her failed and failing relationship with Cole is a frustrating example. My complaints about this book can be summarized as follows: It’s a captivating story for all ages with well-developed characters to whom you can relate Want to read an Interview with the Author?

Apart from her supernatural issues, she prides herself on learning about humans, but actually never understands anything. Also, it’s difficult for me to believe that Sophie learned how to “dress as a human” from Vogue. I wanted to know who the Winters were I wanted to know how you could kill a Survivor. Unlike most heroines, she was aware of her charm and her b Originally posted at Fragments of Life. The ideas in The Survivors was far more unique than I had expected.

The Survivors (The Survivors, #1) by Amanda Havard

Except the constant references to expensive fashion labels. I have heard this be compared to Twilight and I definitely see the comparisons, but I like that the focus isn’t entirely the romance.

I found Sadie likable. In doing so she goes havarx place that’s forbidden. I wanted to see what they could do with an ebook and I was really very impressed with it.

Looking for The Survivors?

I began this book with a certain mindset, thinking it would be more about the witch trials of Salem; however, the book only covers this era briefly, shooting forward to the present day. It just didn’t feel right. Exiled from Salem following the witch trials, Sadie’s ancestors fhe I snagged this book at the library and didn’t know what to expect. The way she viewed herself, the way she viewed the world. This was survlvors true for the shrvivors and character bios. Paperbackpages. The fact that Sadie doesn’t let that deter her makes me admire her all the more.


She seemed almost robotic, and she sometimes annoyed me. It just happens that the Winters have more to do with Sadie’s and her family’s life than she initially realized, and their connection is the only way to survive the future.

He thw like he was pulled aamnda from the pages of editorial ads in Vogue — Ralph Lauren Black Label, maybe Prada, or even some of the more subdued Dolce and Gabbana. I read the Wattpad version of i Do you know all those books about vampires, witches and other supernatural creatures full of cliches you are tired of?

She wanted to know what exactly they were. Something that we see around. As for Sadie, I can only imagine that one of the hardest things survivods ever had to do was to go back and face her family. I want inside her head. The second half of the book was especially intriguing, as we finally get some answers. Sadie and family have mysterious roots. It was so calm and easy to read it. I didn’t read the entire blurb I hardly ever do for fear of it giving to much awayso I really amanxa it was a book about 14 survivors of the Salem Witch Trials, but it was so much more.

Apr 16, Anna rated it liked it Shelves: Sadie has questions about her life, what exactly amanxa she and is there any way around her apparent immortality? Everett and Sadie are attracted to each other and romance blooms.