ALTRONIX AL Manufacturer: Altronix MULTI TIMER 6/12VDC ADJ SEC/MIN SELECTABLE; RELAY CONTROL SPDT 5A VAC CAN USE FOR. : Altronix Digital Timer Home Improvement. Altronix ®. Multi-purpose Timer with enhanced features (replaces models and ). Overview: Model programmable timer is suitable for.

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Printer – Inkjet – Color. The anti-graffiti apparatus 10 is designed to be installed on the vertical wall 2 at a location adjacent to top of the building 4 for deterring taggers from performing an unauthorized tagging on the building wall 2.

The apparatus in accordance with claim 15 further comprising switch means for manually activating and deactivating said apparatus. What voltage tolerance do you need?

The anti-graffiti apparatus is mounted adjacent to the top of the building wall. Wire Speed Kit altroix Eight board enclosure power and data wiring kit includes RS harness and precut power pairs and trigger pairs for use in enclosures with lock control. A first timer means 40 is provided with the anti-graffiti apparatus and is altrobix connected to the in-line valve 20 for controlling the time limit to deactivate the two side-by-side adjacent sprinkler heads 22 and 24 from spraying water.

What supply voltage do you have? I had wanted to pu t something together from components but my brain is too far behind timfr d ays. Visitor Badge – Paper for Zebra 8 hour expiring 4″ wide x 2. If the kiosk or keypad includes a reader, a separate reader license is also needed.


Includes the 1-way interface to the Watchlist data to the facility’s own internal Watchlist data.

USA – Anti-graffiti apparatus – Google Patents

Wire Speed Kit altrobix Eight board enclosure power and data wiring kit includes RS harness and precut power pairs. Control Box – Remote desktop console display – per lane.

Supports Optional Floor ID. Kit expandable to 8 readers with 2 x MR IR Speed Domes 2. Converter – 2 Readers. Anti-Crawl Beams – per lane.

That the opamp can handle by itself. Move an Altonix User to a Different Integrator. The power switch 36 can be mounted anywhere that is accessible to a user. Remote Control – Control Box option supports the manual opening or locking of the lanes – per lane.

Printer – Color Laser. This device has a relay why would you need a relay for 50ma? Kit expandable to 8 doors with the addition of 3 x MR Crating – per Bollard Required.

The operation of the foregoing embodiment now will be described. Then zltronix starts again. Names can be confusing, altrknix here’s what I’m doing Expand to 8 readers with 2 x MR Channel License for one 1 power management device. Autonomous safety and security device on an unmanned platform under command and control of a cellular phone. The sensors are used to detect the presence of a human being within a specific area located directly adjacent the fixed structure that is to be protected.


Aperio External Antenna for Wireless Hub. The Hill Patent discloses an alcohol spray cleaning system for spraying flammable solvent. Pole mount with stainless steel straps For strapping cameras on poles between 4. The anti-graffiti apparatus has a protective armor which protects the components of the anti-graffiti apparatus.

Altronix PT724A Installation Manual

When someone comes adjacent the wall anywhere along the cover range of the sensor, the motion of the person will automatically activate the sensor which will in turn open the valve to cause the spray nozzles to spray water or other anti-graffiti substance onto the walls and to the tagger. The switch 36 is conveniently mounted on a wall for a user to activate and deactivate the anti-graffiti apparatus. Can the input drop to zero before 5 sec and what behaviour do you expect in that case?

Wire Speed Kit – Four board enclosure power and data wiring kit includes RS harness and precut power pairs and trigger pairs for use in enclosures with lock control. Pole Mount Stainless Steel Straps.

Visitor Badge – Paper 3. Expandable to 8 readers with 3 x MR Converter – 1 Reader.