Complementing Altai’s super WiFi base station coverage solution are the C1n high-performance CPEs, which employ a patented smart-signal processing. The Altai C1n employs patented smart signal processing algorithms and antenna design to increase Wi-Fi signal strength (transmit and receive) by as much as. Default Password, Login and IP for your Altai C1n Super WiFi CPE/AP router. User Manuals and How to Factory Reset your Altai C1n Super WiFi CPE/AP router.

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Please use our forums with more specific questions you may have.

Try not to use WEP encryption – it can be cracked easily as illustrated here. Hope this will help you. Selected information such as name, address and contact information may be release to seller to proceed with delivery. Once connected you should be able to access the pocket wifi Interface and from there you should be able to set a new password.

This answer closely relates to:. It is offensive or manal. Duration of warranty given as per lelong advertisement. Type in Key Click Save to batch the changes. I am saying this even though I am still unable to get my system up and running. My new Netgear router is set up as my new gateway on the first floor of my house.


You will lose all phone info though! Select Turbo mode 2. Please check and try again. A8 can be set to drop a,tai multicast traffic A8 can be set to limit multicast traffic to certain data rate The user benefit: Since you did a hard reset everything is changed and that might include the SSID and since reset there might be no password.

Altai C1n WiFi Access Point / Bridge / Repeater – Ghz

Very good tutorial, thanks a lot. Leader Board What’s this? Its administration interface should be reachable by typing this IP janual in the browser. I’d set backbone networking to the. After that I was able to change the internal IP address to within the same subnet but outside the range.

Altai C1 Outdoor Access Point ( Super (end 1/5/ PM)

Set your range this way: The C1 can be installed for both indoor and outdoor areas. I really appreciate it. You may also be interested in altai. Only VAP 0 has this configuration. Your router may be indicating it is not online since there is nothing connected to the WAN port, not sure. It appears that all my 2. The only downside to this approach is clients would get disconnected from the internet before associating with the other access point.

At one point of the instruction it says the ip address should be within the range of the DHCP, and there is another section that says it should be out of the range of the DHCP. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. We need your help! Click Save to batch the changes I have already tried it: That way, you have to know the address of the device to find it.


Altai C1 Outdoor Access Point ( Super Wifi CPE )

IP adresses ending in. All my 5G devices connect to the new Netgear router.

We accept payment via Maybank MBB. Gateway Local IP Address: There are several options to find the correct IP address on the AP: Mnaual Malaysia ,Ship Mamual What that means is, the router acts as a DHCP server, and serves IP addresses dynamically, as needed to the client computers.

However, introducing a second NAT router on the network is not a good idea, especially without some tweaking to set it up correctly. Broadband Forums General Discussion Gallery.

Since you did a hard reset everything is changed and that might include the SSID Since 21 Mar Please note that seller held no responsibility if item undeliverable due to wrong address given.