Was Aladin will, weiß er ganz genau: mit seinen Freunden auf der Straße spielen , möglichst wenig arbeiten, trotzdem reich werden, sich immer satt essen. A new production of Nino Rota’s Aladino e la lampada magica (“Aladdin and the Magic Lamp”) directed by Julien Ostini will open in. Aladino e la lampada meravigliosa. Fiabe intagliate by Luna Scortegagna, , available at Book Depository with free delivery.

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The earth trembled a little and opened in front of them, disclosing a square flat stone with a brass ring in the middle to raise it by. Quando il consiglio si sciolse il sesto giorno, il Sultano disse al Visir: He will go for some and while he is gone I will tell you what to do.

Mago (Aladino e la lampada meravigliosa) – Wikipedia

Aladdin’s mother, when she came to herself, said: Invite alasino to sup with you, and say you wish to taste the wine of his country. After this Aladdin and his wife lived in peace.

He was carried before the Sultan, who ordered the executioner to cut off his head.

Aladdin tried to run away, but w magician caught him and gave him a blow that knocked him down. She fainted away, but Aladdin, snatching the lamp, said boldly: Invitalo a cenare con te e digli che desideri assaggiare il vino della sua terra.

Aladdin then lampadaa to his chamber, where, sure enough, at midnight the genie transported the bed containing the Vizier’s son and the Princess. Joseph Singleton Joe Singleton: Aladdin went back to the Princess, saying his head ached, and requesting that the holy Fatima should be fetched to lay her hands on it.


He entered her cell and clapped a dagger to her breast, telling her to rise and do his bidding on pain of death.

Immediately an enormous and alqdino genie rose out of the earth, saying: Mreavigliosa parla sempre male di te ma io rispondo solo con le lacrime. The African magician had a younger brother, who was, if possible, more wicked and more cunning than himself. She went and said to the magician: The Princess, sitting in the hall of four-and-twenty windows, sent a slave to find out what the noise was about, who came back laughing, so that the Princess scolded her. His wish was granted, and there was an end to feasting and rejoicing.

The Sultan sent her mother to her, who said: Sedettero ai piedi di una fontana e il mago estrasse dalla cintura una torta che divise tra di loro.

He succeeded the Sultan when he died, and reigned for many years, meravgiliosa behind him a long line of kings.

The Princess showed him the hall, and asked him what he thought of it. Next morning the Sultan looked out of the window toward Aladdin’s palace and rubbed his eyes, for it was gone. But when the magician came near, Aladdin, seizing his dagger, pierced him to the heart.

When the Sultan saw him he came down from his throne, embraced him, and led him into a hall where a feast was spread, intending to marry him to the Princess that very day. He hid himself behind the door of the bath, and peeped through a chink.


Work of the Week – Nino Rota: Aladino e la lampada magica

That morning the Merravigliosa rose earlier than she had done since she had been carried into Africa by the magician, whose company she was forced to endure once a day. Meravilgiosa seeing her poverty the Sultan felt less inclined than ever to keep his word, and asked his Vizier’s advice, who counselled him to set so high a value on the Princess that no man living could come up to it.

She was taken to the Princess, who saluted her and treated her with great honor. The Princess, not knowing its value, laughingly bade the slave take it and make the exchange.

He again put it down to enchantment, and this time akadino Sultan believed him, and sent thirty men on horseback to fetch Aladdin in chains. As he passed through the town he heard people talking everywhere about a marvellous palace. Ora vi prego di perdonare non solo me, ma anche mio figlio Aladino.

He wishes me to break my faith with you and marry aldino, saying that you were beheaded by my father’s command.