Akta Kontrak , Akta ;: Akta Kontrak (Pindaan) , Akta A ; Akta Kontrak Kerajaan , Akta semua pindaan hingga Julai. found: Akta Kontrak , Akta , t.p. (Akta Kontrak , Akta ) cit. title p. 1 (Akta Kontrak ). found: RLIN, Feb. 8, (Name-title hdg. Get this from a library! Akta kontrak (Akta ) & Akta Kontrak Kerajaan (Akta ): hingga 15hb Ogos [Malaysia.; International Law Book.

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Contracts 79Principals right to benefit gained by agent dealing on his ownaccount in business of agency The Chairman of the Town Boardseizes movable property found on the holding with a view to its sale by publicauction under the Town Boards Enactment [F. Liability of two persons, primarily liable, not affected by arrangementbetween them that one shall be surety on others default This is animplied revocation of Bs authority.

C is no longer liable on hisguarantee. B defends the suit, and is compelled to pay damages and costs, and incursexpenses. Revocation of continuing guarantee New horizons in comp Pawnees right where pawnor makes default Legal Profession Act Act A is liable upon hisguarantee. This is, at the option of A, a termination of the bailment. B becomes insolvent, and C sues A on his guarantee. ExplanationNothing in this section shall prevent a surety from recoveringfrom his principal payments made by the surety on behalf of the principal, orentitle the principal to recover anything from the surety on account of paymentsmade by the principal.

A contract is not voidable merely because it was caused by oneof the parties to it being under a mistake as to a matter of fact. After this B buys the factory. If, by the fault of the bailee, the goods are not returned,delivered, or tendered at the proper time, he is responsible to thebailor for any loss, destruction, or deterioration kontak the goods fromthat time.


When a party to a contract has refused to perform, or disabledhimself from performing, his jontrak in its entirety, the promiseemay put an end to the contract, unless he has signified, by words orconduct, his acquiescence in its continuance.

Termination of gratuitous bailment by death B thereupon beats C, and has to pay damages to C forso doing. Guarantee obtained by misrepresentation invalid A is entitled to be reimbursedfrom Bs property.

In order to make an offer of a performance withthe effect stated in this section, A must bring the cotton to Bs warehouse, onthe appointed day, under such circumstances that B may have a reasonableopportunity of satisfying himself that the thing offered is cotton of the qualitycontracted for, and that there are bales.

Akkta promises A to deliverthe coat as soon as it is finished, and to give aka three months credit for the price. Aspromise to build the house must be performed before Bs promise to pay for it.

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Amust make compensation to B for the cost of rebuilding the house, for the rentlost and for the compensation made to C. A makes anarrangement with his creditors, including B, to pay them a composition alta fiftycents in the dollar upon their respective demands. B drives the horse in hiscarriage. The agreementis void, as its object is alta. The surety is discharged by any contract between the creditorand the principal debtor, by which the principal debtor is released,or by any act or omission of the creditor, the legal consequence ofwhich is the discharge of the principal debtor.

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B neglects or refuses to point out to A the places in which his house requiresrepair. Fraud includes any of the following acts committed by aparty to a contract, or with his connivance, or by his agent, withintent amta deceive another party thereto or his agent, or to induce himto enter into the contract: B is not entitled to set-off a debt owing to him from C against the price of thegoods.

Revocation of proposals and acceptances6. ajta

akta kontrak 1950 (act 136)

The bailee is called the pawnee. The contract is not voidable onaccount of As misrepresentation. The nature of As trade affords an indication of the alta of thewords, and A has entered into a contract for the sale of one hundred ata ofcoconut oil. Contracts 55Liability of two persons, primarily liable, not affected byarrangement between them that one shall be surety on othersdefault Effect of default as to that promise which should be firstperformed, in contract consisting of reciprocal promises Discharge of surety by release or discharge of principal debtor