For Airush has simplified their range of kites and boards, making it easier for riders to find the products best suited to them. The popular Lithium kite is back for as is the Sector directional board, which is now available in three sizes as well as a one-design version. In , Airush brings the DNA to the masses in a plug-and-play package that gets you on the water and ripping in no time! Using the platform of the highly. The Airush Razor keeps the C-kite feel and performance that wakestyle and freestyle riders demand. While maintaining these characteristics of amazing.

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Kitedesigner tips In my opinion, Racers all have their own preferences on how they tune the kite. Race Kiteposition in wind-window.

2013 Airush Lithium Review

Kites Airush Razor Not a major issue, but definitely something to take into account for wave riders looking for gusty offshore winds. Kitefinder Twitter Kitefinder Twitter. Specifications User reviews Kite Freestyle wave cutting edge C-kite Designer’s goals As a dedicated 5-line kite, the Razor attracts C-kite enthusiasts, freestyle fanatics, and wave purists with its high-end performance.

The positioning of the bridle attachment points on the LE of the kite combined with the V pulleys, give a very smooth and responsive depower this allows for steering that is light, but direct enough to feel where your kite is.

The SL-C gives the benefits of both worlds in one concept. The sweep of the Delta Hybrid design of the wingtips guarantees a hassle free and quick relaunch. KiteFinder, The kite search engine you are here: Still pressure Total depower.


Please add the quantity as a number. Airush has taken these characteristics of the C-kite and added the demands of the New School rider who requires a wider wind range, customizable tuning and greater stability.

Kite review Airush DNA

Riders aurush the option of choosing the bar system that best suits their style, needs and budget. Performance Forward Speed 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 The Wave is really versatile for any type of surf riders style. The trade off will be the range of the kite will decrease — you will need to start using your board to control your speed instead! Not so good Good. There are 0 reviews on this product: With these new additions tothe Smartbar 4 is a truly smart package.

The Smartbar 4 is extremely tunable, safe and easy to use. For wakestyle riders and people who want more pop, go for the red pigtail on the front lines. There are 1 reviews on this product: Due to its wing tip and strut positioning, the Lithium has a direct and airksh feel through the airysh, essential for wave and freeriding.

Lithium « Airush

Maintaining its position as the definitive bar choice for all riders by integrating the industry-leading Brain Quick Release, the Smart Bar 4 remains simplistic yet highly intuitive. Specifically designed for one thing only, the Airush Wave is the ultimate choice for serious surf riders. With these new additions tothe Smartbar 4 is a truly smart package. For kiteloops or just fun freestyle — I would suggest the last two points for an extremely aggressive and maneuverable kite.

I would airuxh if you are riding it in the freestyle mode to drop the back lines down knots. Subscribe qirush our newsletter and updates on we are doing and what we get up.

  FM 5-482 PDF

Kitefinder Twitter Kitefinder Twitter. The kite has huge depower, which allows for this aggressive style of kiting.

No user reviews yet. Share your user experience. Tips from our Kite Designer.

Archive The kite is so stable, that it is no akrush to let go of the bar — you will have plenty of time to finish your carve and then grab the bar again. This an excellent kite, airusb since I weigh lbs, I highly recommend it to big aggressive riders who have a committed style. Simple changes in your back lines will customize the Airush Wave to suit yourself. I have been riding the 16 meter one strut kite in about knots of wind.

Staying as the front-runner in all-terrain kites, the Lithium is focused on being the do-all kite for the everyday rider.

Mark Pattison takes the kite to new areas of possibility, having spent numerous hours developing with the Airush race division. Subscribe to our newsletter and updates on we are doing and what we get up. The Airush Razor keeps the C-kite feel and performance that wakestyle and freestyle riders demand. Making the Airush Wave unique from others in its class is the Bullet Proof Construction, ensuring stability and strength throughout the entire canopy, the Wave manages all the abuse that Mother Nature and you, the rider, can throw at it.