The Aiphone AXC Central Exchange Unit for AX Series is a connection hub that has ports for master and sub stations and helps in data functions in the AX. For DC powered systems, use Aiphone power supply model specified with system. . •Maximum 4 stations (with AXC), or 8 stations (with AX-. C). Ax Series Central Exchange Unit (4 Master – 8 Door).

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Cameras with SD Card Recording. If you have any questions, please feel free to fill out this form and our experts will get back to you via aiphine.

Register for a new account. Cameras for Mobile Surveillance. Gas Station Camera Systems. Wireless Elevator Security Camera Kits. The provided software helps to program the functions of this security system. Most Helpful No Reviews.


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License Plate Recognition Cameras. We made it convenient.

The CEU supports four master stations and eight sub stations and has the capacity to expand the security system by using the AXC Add-on sold separately. Everything we sell is brand-new, ax-084cc sealed, and covered by a full manufacturer warranty. We are here to help put together any system, any project for you.

Aiphone AXC Central Exchange Unit – AX Series – $1,

This central exchange unit CEU helps to collect input and output data. We’re like the Home Aiphhone of security cameras with experts ready to answer any questions you might have. Manufacturer Aiphone Warranty 2-year Manufacturer Warranty. Data collected through this central exchange unit ranges from visitor log with time, date, entry point, and the image of the visitor. We’ve worked with thousands of customers from different industries.

Allows configuration of data input and output functions.


Send products to e-mail: This system can support two 24VDC power supply units that can help in the expansion of the security system units. No questions are found here. Government entities, law enforcement, schools, gas stations, warehouse, hospitals, hotels, casinos, tollway authorities, barn owners, cannabis farms, metal auphone, construction companies, high end home owners, you name it.

University – College Camera Systems.

Aiphone AXC Exchange Unit – Up To 4 Master Stations And 8 Door Stations

This feature is very helpful in big hotels, office buildings that house several establishments, as ax-0084c as hospitals. We will definitely get back to your question either technical or sales related. We are here to help with our experts. If you’re not in a hurry, we offer free ground shipping to the Contiguous United States.