Hi MSP, need a robust backup software for backing up your clients’ VMware, Hyper-V, Office mail, Exchange, SQL etc. to your datacenter storage or public . Find out what users are saying about Ahsay Cloud Backup Suite. Read user Ahsay Cloud Backup Suite reviews, pricing information and what features it offers . Find out what users are saying about AhsayCBS. Read user AhsayCBS reviews, pricing information and what features it offers.

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In order to provide an end-to-end pay-as-you go offering, we only support the meter model for BIaaS. Ahsay Backup support the following payment methods: Much better ahssy out there The key for a good pricint is to be reliable, fast, easy to use. The whole solution can be use within a company to back up all virtual machines, servers, desktops and laptops.

Get Quote for Aarogya We have helped business to find the right Software.

What is the price for Ahsay Backup Software?

For example, v7 is now officially released, so we will continue to support v6. My advice to anyone considering using the software is to tread extremely carefully! Unfortunately, Ahsay is charging just shy of double the agreed upon rate. Which mobile platform does Ahsay Backup support? Stay away from this. For fast free consultation call us on True silent installation Ease of deployment that eliminates expense of provisioning and maintenance Anytime, anywhere backup management.


User Reviews 0 Write Review Ask a question. Since you had never owned and paid for these new license types, they are not included as part of v6 maintenance. I have evaluated many personal, and small business backup systems.

So we have developed this module so our partners can target this segment to backup data from the NAS device. Ease to use though, but they have to work well on those aspect have stated above Take a few seconds to tell us little about yourself and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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Both new and existing users can sign in with LinkedIn. There are three new license types in Version 7: Additional protection of critical corporate cloud data Unlimited file retention.

Acronis Acronis International GmbH. I would definitely like you to be aware before making the jump. This is why AhsayOBS is not included as part of free upgrade even with valid v6 maintenance. Based on 6 user ratings. We are happy to work out a competitive offer in terms of price and features to meet your need.

We are very happy with the functionality. The operation of License Management Portal essentially remains unchanged. Your understanding is not correct. What payment method does Ahsay Backup support? I like the fact that they are upcoming and they are doing fine on their own basis. Get Pricing Free Demo. Message us on Facebook.


Ahsay Backup

Although this system has a lot of potential. With the misleading of product upgrades for it’s partners and the only way is to pay more for product licensing, I will shortly be looking for a replacement for Ahsay as many other partners have done in the past year due to Ahsay management philosophy change. If your paid licenses in v6 are under valid maintenance, you just need to purchase one additional AhsayCBS license for each AhsayOBS key you intend to upgrade to v7.

This also means a continually growing cost as your customer grows the size of data to backup. Like I’ve said, I like the fact that they are just coming up but they are making some big mistake in some aspects such as their documentations and customer service