Honeywell Commercial Security – Wireless Products Accessory Transmitters, Modules and Converters RP – View product information, features. : Honeywell Security RP Ademco Alarm Wireless Repeater: Home Improvement. The Honeywell RP is a wireless repeater module that boosts the radio frequency (RF) signal between a Honeywell wireless device and a wireless receiver.

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Honeywell ADEMCO 5800RP Installation Instructions: Specifications

Real Knowledge From Real People. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? SMF – Just 5800tp Hello all, I’m planning to add a RP to my VistaP and was wondering if power for it could be drawn from the control panel aux. If it can be drawn from the control panel, ademdo 22 wiring be 5800ro run of ft tops? DaTech Security Guru Posts: The adecmo of the panel would not require a bigger wire.

The think you most need to look at it the current power draw of the panel and will adding this bring down the total amps out. But if you look it is an AC transformer,and it alone is puling 15 amps. If you are going to pull any power from the panel you would need to use 1 and 2 but since you are going to run wire anyway place the RP transformer with the Panel transformer and run the wire using the transformer it came with. Thanks for the reply. I’m new to this stuff so please bear with me.

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For the RP itself, the installation manual lists for power input: So, are you saying that I should: Draw power from the panel’s transformer Ademco at terminal 1 500rp 2? Not draw power from the panel at all and use the Ademco to power the RP?

I was trying to avoid having to use the cost and space inside the canbut if that’s the correct way to do it, then so be it. Thanks again for your input. There’s a handy “Auxiliary Device Current Draw Worksheet” in the install manual that list the current for some common devices.

This caused me a big headache when I installed an additional keypad. The system simply shut down.

1 Honeywell & Ademco 5800RP Wireless Repeater Module

As long as the power 5080rp is 12VDC and has at least a mA rating, it should work. Doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose of the repeater? I originally installed my RP half way between my receiver and the one transmitter I was having trouble with. It helped, but didn’t completely stop the problem.

I finally moved the RP to my detached garage closer to the trouble transmitter and am going on 2 weeks with no trouble. I figure the battery powered transmitter was having trouble sending a strong enough signal and by moving the AC powered repeater closer, it was able to boost a good signal.


Honeywell Ademco RP RF Wireless Repeater Module

I did the calculations and it adejco like Axemco be pulling mA from aux and I ended up buying the transformer for the RP so this isn’t going to be an issue anymore.

Well, my garage is a detached one and I’m using a keypad from the 3rd floor inside my house. When I stand at the rearmost part of the house, sending data is fine but reception is sometimes spotty. I’m hoping that the extra 20 ft. Since I bought the transformer, I may just move the repeater inside the 5800ro and hope that that will do the trick.

And because I won’t have to pull power from the panel anymore, I’ll have additional options for RP placement, so it might just come down to trial-and-error. I’m fairly confident the RP will fix my problems, so thanks for all the responses and help! October 10, October 11, Logged “A man who said it can’t be done Mr.

Logged chanceu Admeco Member Posts: October 13, October 15, ,