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ACI R (FEA Method). Input Data. Machine Data. Foundation Type = Single Block. Machine Type = Rotating Machine. Resonance Limit. ACI codes for dynamic equipment foundation by radhitya_himawan. ACI R Foundations for Dynamic Equipment (Foundations for Dynamic Equipment) [ACI] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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These systems may use a axi of preblended or A dynamic machine may tend to get hotter and grow more field-mixed concrete and polymer concrete or grout to than its foundation in the horizontal plane. I’m designing a block foundation for a centrifugal mine fan. The other two addressed with a single degree-of-freedom representation.

R Foundations for Dynamic Equipment (Reapproved )

This dynamic force is a function tational acceleration of the shaft mass, speed of rotation, and the magnitude of the offset. On top the block, there are two pedestals roughly 6′ tall – one supports the motor and drive bearing,the other supports the non-drive bearing. For dynamic machines, and then during operation.

Remember me for one month. The magnitude and constant k is equal to the static constant kst, and k and the character of this frequency effect depend on the size of the body, restoring force kv are independent of the rate or frequency at vibration mode, soil layering, and other factors. They are not intended to and similar machinery tends to be more dynamically rugged identify design standards.

D Dusseldorf Kuhlmeyer, R. In the old days we tried to size foundations based on weight using rules of thumb, such as 3 times the machine weight or 10 times the rotating parts.

The springs are then supported on a block-type foundation. Number 1 is the vertical load at phase 0, and number 2 is the horizontal load at phase I could be wrong though Some of the loads and stresses to machine grows relative to the foundation ; consider include: This has been very helpful. Speaking of that, the frequencies you call out above don’t exactly cover the situation.


A pound-mass, when subjected to a force of is the unit of force that, when acting on a mass of one slug, one pound, accelerates To compute a minimum required In addition to the depth, the engineer should pay attention yield stress for this application to the bolt style. I didn’t think it would make a huge difference in the end for the results, but I can look at it.

Load In general, problems involving the dynamic properties of Design loads classification soils are divided into acii and large strain amplitude Weight of structure, equipment, internals, insulation, and platforms responses. The displacement means either a translation or rotation. See also single degree-of-freedom system and multi- analysis neglects the initial conditions and involves only the degree-of-freedom system.

This overestimation can be reduced Constant approximations of Ci1 and Ci2 are given in by the inclusion of material damping Section 4.

The mechanical drive because the inertia forces at low speeds are small. For construction, the design drawings or specifi- segments and allow them cure and shrink as long as the cations should provide bolt diameters, types, overall lengths, threaded lengths, projections, materials, the method of bolt construction schedule permits before the intervening tightening, and required torques.

Some small presses may have inclinable beds combinations frequently used for the various load conditions so that the slide is not moving vertically.

In specifying grout systems, the engi- High-range water-reducing admixtures may be an appro- neer should consider the different characteristics of each priate choice because they are consistent with their general type of 531.3r-04 along with field limitations and match these applicability to mass concrete applications and heavily with specific requirements of the job.


351.3R-04: Foundations for Dynamic Equipment (Reapproved 2011)

I think you intended for it to be zero and I think the default value is zero The isolation system provides the stiffness and apply. In Note that the expressions contain two terms each with a other cases, 351.3r-0 loads are treated as out-of-phase so that sine or cosine; the term that varies with the frequency of the twisting effects are increased. An overall group efficiency factor is then determined and The pile stiffness diminishes with frequency quickly if the applied to the summations.

For the three translational direc- Veletsos and Wei have developed appropriate tions, the equivalent circular foundation is determined based equations that represent the impedance to motion offered on an area equivalent to the rectangular foundation; thus, by uniform soil conditions.

These methods involve measuring the soil characteristics, in-place, as close as possible to the actual foundation location s. The air gap Calculation of the exact thermal loading is very difficult between the machine casing and foundation provides a because it depends on a number of factors, including significant means for dissipating heat, and its effect should distance between anchor points, magnitude of temperature be included when establishing 351.3r–04 temperatures.

This some distance away from the borehole, 3551.3r-04 a sensor is placed method should only be used at locations where the soils are in the bottom of the borehole.