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Diagonal tension capacity for out-of-plane bending of reinforced masonry walls can be assessed using ACI strength design procedures. Direct. Revisions made to ACI since then will be assembled The main committee Letter Ballot on the proposed revision of did. Prior to , flexural crack control requirements in ACI were based on the so- called z-factor method developed be Gergely and Lutz [8]. Their work was based .

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Public safety is not really a concern. In some instances, some portions of the structure need to be twice as thick.

If they were underdesigned, there’s a good chance that will never come to light. This ac a great thread guys. There have been a lot of changes, but none that I can think of which would require doubling of member thickness. But this is a good point, maybe you just go in as a hard headed, we are now equal, don’t question me anymore type of guy. Students Click Here Join Us!

New PE Needs Advice – Civil/Environmental engineering other topics – Eng-Tips

Thank you for helping keep Eng-Tips Forums free from inappropriate posts. My attempt was only to be complete If they’re in responsible charge of the drawings, do avi their way.

But by the same token, I’ve done acci a bit of stuff as an engineering subordinate that I wouldn’t have stamped, or would have done differently if I had stamped, but didn’t pitch a fit at all because it was someone else’s stamp. New PE Needs Advice 3feet I would approach him in this manner: You have several issues with which to deal.


I believe this would be the equivalent to applying the shear requirements ACI Now that you carry an equal responsibility, you wanted to learn as much about those obligations and practices as possible so that you could practice in the manner that the profession expects and in a manner so as to best protect the liability and assets of the company.

His response was “I have done it that way for years and nothing has failed”. As true as that is, that’s stepping on some toes. Before approaching him, it might be a good idea to cai the “significant difference” by us. Yes, I was pretty sure that you understood your obligations as a P. Ron, I understand what you are saying and I will keep that in mind from now on. I approached the Senior PE and zci the situation in a very respectful way.

Be ready to prove yourself though, if you can’t ugh.

New Axi Needs Advice Then you are right to use the current standard, or at the very least use the Working Stress code with the correct interpretation. Maybe even mention that you used the new standards while studying for your test and now that you passed feel you should bring it to his attention. New PE Needs Advice So did it turn out 3550-08 you get to design the current way and stamp your own plans?

Digital Transformation ac be defined in a number of different ways by analysts or enterprise software vendors. Basically walls and slabs loaded like beams were sized for an allowable shear stress in the concrete of 2. My response was “yes and it zci won’t, but from this point forward we have an obligation to meet the minimum aic requirements”. The fact that there have not been problems with the structures designed incorrectly doesn’t mean the standard was wrong. On drawings, do you not submit the applicable codes being used?


Red Flag This Post Please let us know here why this post is inappropriate. New PE Needs Advice Ron, I agree, that’s why I will not seal a design that does not meet the minimum standards of the latest code being used.

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Ron, I agree, I should have thought about that before I said it. Defense manufacturing is all about project manufacturing and project accounting. New PE Needs Advice You have to be a little bit careful with how you approach him so that he doesn’t just dismiss your approach as being a “newbie” who thinks he knows too much.

How did he react besides just agreeing? If it does, then there’s hell to pay. CivilPE22, As a younger axi, one of the challenges in your early career is to learn how to convey your point in an axi matter.

But he never had to stamp the plans so it wasn’t as acii of a deal. It also works as “Your call? I saw how an old Project Manager treated those types of guys, it was not pretty at all.

New PE Needs Advice beej