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The technical committees responsible for ACI committee reports and standards strive to avoid ambiguities, omissions, and errors in these. Aci 08 Pdf Download. Foo. INTRODUCTION /R-1 ACI Building Code and Commentary PREFACE The code portion of. Section of ACI lists important informational items that must be included on design drawings, details, or specifications, including anchorage length.

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Team 5 collected a surface soil sample before leaving its location. Soil and Grain Each of the soil and grain samples’was placed in a ml cottage cheese container which was covered and sealed. It must be emphasized that the radiodines generated during the TNT came from an exploding reactor while those generated during Pike came from an inadvertent release from an underground nuclear experiment. Daley I, Objective To determine the direction and extent of contamination beyond the boundaries of the farm caused by the release of the l 31I aerosol.

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Deposition velocities which associate airborne activity with deposition relative to the fallout planchets have been calculated and average 1.

The green chop used was Sorghum sudanense grown at Area 15 Experimental Farm. Particle size in microns 60 The container was sealed with masking tape, placed into a plastic bag, sealed and gamma scanned. Some of the ratios between various samples which can be calculated from the results of this experiment are shown in Table 9. The range was fromO. Results of green chop depth study. The group II cows, receiving the contaminated spread hay, secreted 6. Ion chambers, G-M tubes, and scintillation counters were field calibrated.

The samples were beta counted for 10, counts or 10 minutes, whichever came first.

Meteorological data, temperature and relative humidity. The average of these two samples was then taken as representative for Groups I, II, III, IV and V for the purpose of computing the over-all background averages for the duration of the study. Note that the relative contributions predicted 7. Also, it may be concluded that I was handled differently when deposited on the spread and fresh green chop compared to the hay in the sense that it was not as biologi- cally available for secretion into the milk in the former cases.


An cai tion of the aerodynamic ack sizes can be obtained from this figure; however, the effect of shape is unknown. Meteorological data, wind data. Background is at a higher level here because the area is covered with the throw-out from the Sedan Event, and variable because the loose surface dust is stirred up when one walks in this area.

Each team consisted of two men in a four-wheel 315-088 vehicle equipped with a two-way radio. It is evident from Cai 21 and 22 that the larger particles and conglomerations of particles were predominantly deposited on the front row and that the particles -were both fewer and smaller on the back row. I 30 35′ 40′: No activity 3150-8 background was observed with the survey instruments after the aerosol release.

Russian thistle is an annual. The percent thyroid uptake by the calves was calculated by dividing the thyroid content of any given day by the decay cor- rected amount of I ingested up to 24 hours previous to the thyroid measurement.

This method of sampling was selected because it minimized dislodging the dia- tomaceous earth from the plants when sampling.

At the end of the six day period, the supply of Sudan grass in the plot was exhausted See Figure On the basis of these initial findings, it was decided that the magnifications of the final photographic prints would be adjusted so that the range of about 2 to 5 Ji would fall into the lowest counter of the TGZ-3 analyzer. Thus, it appears that the FRC predicted dose is a conservative one.

As per condition the tenderer should send along with his tender an agreement executed and signed in Kerala Stamp Paper value of 20 and Earnest Money Deposit ‘ 1, Using the activity measured in the thyroid each day Table 36 and the estimated thyroid weight, the daily dose to the thyroid was calculated with Equation 1.


In this report, the introduction, discussion, and summary of the total report were written by the senior staff. Particle sizes on row 3 slides. Field release of I tagged aerosol. Using the three common points between the soil and the planchets, the deposition appears approximately 1. The average milk production for each milking for all cows within the group ranged from 5. As per condition the tenderer should send along with his tender an agreement executed and signed in Kerala Stamp Paper value of ‘ 20 and Earnest Money Deposit ‘ 15, The weather instruments are mounted on two masts, one meter and ten meters high.

I Dairy Cow Uptake Studies Using a Synthetic Dry Aerosol

The curve, as shown in Figure 24, indicates the time variation during the six day feeding. Cost of tender form including Taxes ; Original—’ Printing Office, Washington, For the feeding schedule for this calf see Table The most striking difference is in the effective half-life which is represented by the portion of the curves after the peak value is reached.

Data for Group III contaminated s’prea’ci green chop cows. In addition to the milk, supplemental amounts of hay and grain were pro- vided. Each of the samples was weighed and placed into a plastic bag, sealed with masking tape and counted. Whether the average percent uptake is correct or not for these calves would have to be determined by single dose studies in them. Procedure The hay used for the depth study was grown at Milford, Utah, procurred from a local source, and stored at the dairy barn at Well 3 until used.

From this point in the procedure, each group was treated differently.