Acacia acinacea is a small to medium shrub that is found in south-eastern South Australia, most of Victoria and southern NSW. Phyllodes are small, elliptic with. Name, Sources, Status. gold-dust acacia, Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS), Unknown, uBio, Trusted. Gold-dust Wattle, Integrated Taxonomic. Common names. Gold-dust Wattle, Gold-dust Acacia, Round-leaved Wattle. Scientific names. Acacia acinacea, Acacia rotundifolia. Family. Mimosaceae. Genus.

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Isopogon anemonifolius, Broad-leaved drumsticks.

Acacia acinacea – Wikipedia

Ornamental Attractive for hedges, screens, rock gardens, under trees and in large tubs. Lissanthe strigosa, Peach Heath. Pour boiling or very hot water over seeds and soak for several hours before sowing. Hibbertia scandens, Climbing Guinea Flower. Grevillea scortechinii, Black Grevillea.

Coronidium elatum, White Everlasting Daisy. Grevillea iaspicula, Wee Jasper Grevillea. Corymbia maculata, Spotted Gum. Habit Small spreading shrub 30cm to 2m high with arching branches, angled or flattened branchlets and hairy “leaves”.


Melaleuca fulgens, Scarlet Honey-myrtle. Plant database Grasses and Strappy. Acijacea produces little seed. Eucalyptus preissiana, Bell-fruited mallee. Wurmbea dioica, Early Nancy. Hibbertia aspera, Rough Guinea Flower. Shade and shelter Useful low-level cover in windbreaks. Hakea actites, Wallum Hakea. Dipodium punctatum, Hyacinth Orchid.

Graptophyllum excelsum, Scarlet Fuchsia, Native Fuchsia. Eremophila debilis, Acincaea Apple. Eucalyptus michaeliana, Hillgrove Gum. Sydney Wildflower Nursery Growing and retailing a wide range of native plants since Callistemon phoeniceus, Lesser Bottlebrush.

Early Dec to mid Feb. Melaleuca decussata, Cross-leaved Honey-myrtle.

Themeda triandra, Kangaroo Grass. Frost and drought tolerant.

Acacia acinacea

Site preference Well-drained soil in full or partial sun. Callistemon rugulosus, Scarlet Bottlebrush. Processional Caterpillars Ochrogaster lunifer. Acacia amblygona, Fan Wattle. The leaf-like phyllodes are small aczcia vary in shape from rectangular or oval to spathulate. Acacia boormanii, Snowy River Wattle. King Parrots Alisterus scapularis. Myriophyllum species, Water Milfoils.

Natural populations

The fluffy golden yellow ball shaped flowers appear during spring and the plant looks as if it is covered with speckles of yellow. Acacia granitica, Granite Wattle. Hibbertia vestita, Hairy guinea flower. Acinacra brevipes, Slender Tea-tree. Spring is flowering period. Melaleuca incana, Grey Honey-myrtle. Monitor closely as seeds released immediately or within days of maturity.


Propagate from seed and cuttings. Olearia elliptica, Sticky Daisy Bush.

Anigozanthos Landscape Pink

Acinnacea “Bonnie Prince Charlie”. Acacia siculiformis, Dagger Wattle. Boronia crenulata, Aniseed Boronia. Acacia iteaphylla, Flinders Range Wattle. Ottelia ovalifolia, Swamp Lily. Melaleuca nodosa, Prickly-leaved Paperbark. Prostanthera incana, Velvet Mintbush. Botany Bay Diamond Weevil Chrysolophus spectabilis.