“Publishers Weekly” The book is a triumph of storytelling and art. “New York Times Book Review” Told in the familiar Seeger style, with brief musical phrases of. Abiyoyo has ratings and reviews. Ronyell said: I actually first heard about this book when I watched an episode on “Reading Rainbow” that discu. Abiyoyo got kind of a raw deal in the original book, which was very loosely based on a South African lullabye. He wasn’t really evil, just hungry and not very.

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This is a very interesting story that I have never heard before.

In the book it states that it has been passed from generation to generation, which means that it has no author: Parents should know that Abiyoyo might scare smaller children since he eats people and even threatens the village. This gives me some one-on-one time with each student to see if the reason for their prediction makes sense.

Download the PDF from here. The boy played the Ukulele and the father abyioyo a magician.

Abiyoyo: Based on a South African Lullaby and Folk Story [With CD]

The son started to use the ukulele and made Abiyoyo dance until he fell to the floor. Then the students could act out the stories while the CD is playing. They were once again welcomed to town. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Abiyoyo | Book by Pete Seeger, Michael Hays | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Later, he re-emerged on zbiyoyo public scene as a pioneer of protest music in abihoyo late s and the s. Lastly, students can draw their version of Abiyoyo and share with the class or create a script based on the story and act it out for the class. And sitting right where the dam would be is a bo After Abiyoyo the giant left, the small town he had bothered grew by leaps and bounds.


However, a large monster comes and they are able to play their music and do their magic to get him to go away. With the touch of a magic wand, Abiyoyo reappears.

They saved the village. The father, was a magician and disappeared too many things, which made people hate him.

Father still has his courage. We read Abiyoyo and then they got to create their very own village giant using model magic and markers then we finished with Abiyoyo returns.

This book contains examples of onomatopoeia that can be used for lessons. Sep 16, Kimberlyn rated it really liked it. The 2nd to last it says it on the cover of the book. Review is also on: The folktale narrates the story of a boy and his father. I first read this book as a child after it showed up on Reading Rainbow.

But it is nice to have non-violent solutions, so I’ll accept it. Then we discuss all other sub-problems and solutions in the story. Nov 20, Kristen Sawyer marked it as to-read Shelves: I have the students listen to part of the story. She performed this book with such flair as well as singing the song with a tune that she may have gotten from elsewhere or made up, I don’t know.

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People cheered them, while welcoming them home. Tameka Jones rated it it was amazing Nov 27, But now there are new dangers: The problem was about a giant called Abiyoyo that the magician father told to his son about.

It talks about how Abiyoyo plays ukulele and is kicked out of his town because of his loud music. His father was a magician. The little boy loved to play his ukelele that people would complain about, but at the end of the story, the little boy and his dad helped save the town from the monster, Abiyoyo with his magic wand and his song and dance he created using bolk ukelele.


Still, once they’re stuck with a hungry giant, they do provide him with food and entertainment.

Abiyoyo Returns by Pete Seeger

Will lots of good food and beautiful songs keep Abiyoyo happy long enough to move the boulder and once again leave the town in peace?

Children will love the tale of all the magic and agiyoyo funny dancing monster.

This book cont Abiyoyo is a perfect book to incorporate culture, music, and reading strategies into the classroom. They were ostracized abiyoyi the village.

Abiyoyo Returns

Abiyoyo got kind of a raw deal in the original book, which was very loosely based on a South African lullabye. I introduced a reading project on Friday with my class with the goal to bring forth their favorite book thus far next week into the classroom. Let it be yours too! Sherry rated it it was amazing Oct boo, However, his career as a mainstream performer was seriously curtailed by the Second Red Scare: The little girl asks him abiyyo he is strong enough to move the boulder, so Abiyoyo moves it to show his strength.

Everyone was terrified, except the boy and his father, and they came up with a plan to save the town