Title: ABB – Installer Products Introduction, Author: Michael James, Name: ABB Fully conform to IEC (Active energy) Direct connected OD Up to. Buy ABB LCD Digital Power Meter, 7-Digits, 3 Phase, ±2 % Accuracy 2CMAR – OD or other digital-power-meters online from RS for next day. ABB’s broad program of standardized products and components OD IR. No. Yes. Class B (Cl. 1). -. Yes. DAB IR. No. Yes. Class B (Cl. 1). -. Yes .. transformer ratio on OD ) which makes it very easy to deal with in.

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HKL-Funktion mit bis zu 2 unabhangigen Kanalen.

:: Futurasmus KNX Group :: EIB/KNX Leading Wholesaler

Mit zwei unabhangigen Schaltkanalen. Konstantlichtschalter mit bis zu 2 unabhangigen Kanalen. Typical applications are door and window surveillance, glas-breakage detection as well as area surveillance.

Inputs 8 zones Outputs 2 relay outputs, internally supplied with 12 V DC, max. Each rocker has two LEDs that indicate the status of the switched loads. The individual rockers are freely programmable and are suitable for switching and dimming as well as for the operation of blinds and as a lighting scene.

The anti-theft protection is integrated. In addition to the standard functions, e. The lighting groups can be integrated in this way into a constant lighting control. Function, duration and partial duration tests and battery tests for the emergency lighting systems with individual batteries to EN can be triggered and stopped via KNX.

The test results are made available on the KNX. A separate DALI power supply is not required. Die einzelnen Wippen sind frei programmierbar und eignen sich zum Schalten und Dimmen ebenso wie fur die Bedienung von Jalousien und als Lichtszenennebenstelle.

Each rocker has two LEDs which indicate the status of the switched loads.

In the mode Changeover switch this ensures that no two fan speeds can be switched on simultaneously. An additional 4615 switch-over delay is provided for this purpose. Threephase drives 41165 not supported. The additional output can be used for control of an electrical load. Manual operation of the device is possible. Three binary inputs are available, for example, as signalling contacts for window contact and dew point monitoring.

The scanning voltage for the inputs is provided by the device. The actuator is a modular installation device with a module width of 6 space units in Pro M design for installation in the distribution board. The Fan Coil Actuator does not require an auxiliary voltage supply. The assignment of the physical addresses as well as the parameterization is carried out with Engineering Tool Software ETS.

The KNX Security Panel is aabb to manage up to 5 logical areas with up to zones, of which 8 zones are integrated. The number of zones via the Security Bus S-Bus 1 is dependent on the current requirement max. An additional zones can be integrated via KNX. The network connection is used for parameterization, operation and display via the existing web server.


The Panel possesses 4 outputs for the signaling device and 4 outputs for potential-free switching In addition, a system interface ATS allows the connection of an kd ABB transmission device of the comXline series, for connection to a security company. Fans, also referred to as blower convectors or Fan Coil units, are used for distributed 415 and cooling applications. They are installed wbb rooms and powered via central heating and cooling systems. Using fans, room temperature can be quickly adjusted to suit individual preferences.

Fan Coil Actuators switch abbb fans with up to three fan speeds via floating contacts. Three inputs are available, for monitoring of a window contact and the dew point or for connecting temperature sensors. An additional contact is possible, for example, for control of an electric heater. Connects the KNX bus with the Ethernet network. It can be used as a fast line and area coupler. The full filter table for main groups is supported.

Electrometers CEWE

For this and further clients 5 Tunneling Server are available. Power supply via Monday to Friday from ood If you still haven’t created an account in our Web site and you are a professional from the sector, we invite you to do so.

It is completely free and it will allow you to: In-class training Online training Webinars. Connected to the bus line via a bus connecting terminal. The outputs are protected against short circuits and overload and can be switched via manual push buttons during commissioning. Connection is made sbb standard cables. The device has a reset switch for isolating the bus voltage and resetting the bus devices connected to this line. No Data Rail required.

Prefabricated jumpers for connecting the devices horizontally. For the interconnection of devices with a bus connection terminal on the front of the device.

Prefabricated jumpers for connecting the devices vertically. Shadow objects can be taken into consideration. The addressing or commissioning of the DALI devices is not necessary. Up to three of the functions can be implemented at the same time, e.

Up to 64 different zones. Internal relay can be used for alarming. Used for lock monitoring on doors. Water-tight IP 68, with 2. The error messages are processed within the unit and can be forwarded to a display unit. A bus fault is indicated by normally open and normally closed contacts. The DSM incorporates abh suppressor diode which suppresses transient overvoltages and interference voltage spikes on the KNX. The devices are monitored to ensure their presence and minimum functionality send and receive.

Using the valve adapters supplied, the valve drive can be used on many conventional valve bases. Quantities can be provided, which are called over trips. Each switching time can release several actions. Application program only for the ETS3.

The Shutter Actuator is a rail-mounted device for insertion in the distribution board. Konvencionalni tasteri na pritiskanje i LED npr. The os contains logical function with the possibility of individual parameter parameterisation.


Furthermore, timers with on and off delays and pulse duration, staircase lighting functions 1465 comparators are available. The device is ready for operation after connection to the bus of. The connection to the bus is established using the front side bus connection terminal. Technical data Power supply – Bus voltage – Current consumption, bus – Leakage loss, bus These data avb be used e.

KNX telegrams can be sent to or received from other devices via the network. In older documents and in the ETS 3. Both protocols and specifications are identical.

The IP Router in addition to aabb tunnelling function for point-to-point communication, also incorporates the functions of a line coupler routing. The IP Router can thus distribute telegrams in the network to other lines or areas, as well as receive telegrams from there. Manual and visual operation.

A power supply is not necessary. Limit values can also be set and signals can qbb sent on the bus when these limit values are excee. The most important functions of a KNX device with manual operation can be tested.

It is intended for installation in the distribution board on 35 mm mounting rails. The assignment of the physical address as well as the para meter settings is carried out with ETS 2 416 version V1. Hotels, hospitals, student residences, assisted living facilities, apartments and many more — the Room Master opens up new possibilities for properties in the residential and hotel sectors. The Room Master was developed for all rooms of this type. It covers all the electrical installation requirements for this application and offers the following functions in a compact unit: The communication of the devices via the KNX bus also enables central control functions and allows emergency signals to be sent from the rooms to a central control station.

Connection to a hotel management system enables the rooms to be managed and prepared efficiently. For instance, when a guest checks out, the room can automatically be set to stand-by operation.

ABB LCD Digital Power Meter, 7-Digits, 3 Phase , ±2 % Accuracy

The assignment of the physical address as xbb as the parameter settings is carried out with ETS 2 from version Abbb. Hotels, hospitals, student residences, assisted living facilities, apartments and many more – the Room Master opens up new possibilities for properties in the residential and hotel sectors.

The device is especially suitable for switching loads with high peak inrush currents such as lighting equipment with compensation capacitors or fluorescent lamp loads AX to EN 60 Manual operation is possible on the device.

This simultaneously indicates the switching state.