Answer, ✴ Summary of “Photograph” by “Shirley Toulson”!! The poem ” Photograph” is composed by “Shirley Toulson”. In this poem, poet is. A Photograph by Shirley Toulson This is a poem of remembrance with a rather sad tone. It brings into focus the unstoppable changes ‘time’. Used in Class Mount Carmel School,AN, New Delhi by darKRomeo.

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A password will be e-mailed to you. In this line, the poet remembers fondly how her mother would laugh at the probably hilarious way in which she and her sisters had been dressed for the beach. But when the mother was no more, the voice of the photograph was no more. The face of the mother was appearing very innocent and cute. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Shirldy your comment here An Allusion is a reference or an incidental mention of something; either directly or by implication.

Notify me of new posts by email. Thus, the sea here symbolizes eternity, against the infinite vastness of which human lives appear even more evanescent in comparison.

I can personally relate this poem a lot to the loss of my aunt and the photographs that I printed out to keep revisiting her in my mind. You are commenting using your WordPress. This image helps readers feel the motherly presence that the poet perhaps wished to convey so that she can make the loss of the same more pronounced at the end of the poem.


The mother feels nostalgic looking at her bygone years.

The three girls stood in the water as it swept their little feet. The wind blows her hair onto her face.

The person might change in course of time but the memories attached with the photograph are eternal. Notify me of new comments via email. This memory within a memory trope is a beautiful way to strengthen the theme of nostalgia that defines the poem — a nostalgia that takes on a painful turn when the poet has to pnotograph again comes to terms with the fact that her mother, the young girl smiling in the picture, is but gone. They all have joined their hands to one another.

Comment on the tone of the poem. It will also vanish from the face of earth.

Summary and Analysis of A Photograph by Shirley Toulson – Beaming Notes

Welcome, Login to your account. Riya says 7 months ago. They had gone to enjoy their holidays on the beach in guiant dresses. Entries and comments feeds.

Summary for a photograph by shirley toulson –

Taking all of these significations underlying the photograph into account, the opening sentence of the poem carefully sets the mood and tone for the poem and its overarching subject of losing a mother.


She recalls those days when she was innocent and playful. In the last stanza the poet says That her mother, who is the girl in that photograph has been dead for almost years equivalent to how old she was when that picture was taken. Photographs are beautiful aides of nostalgia because each picture, no matter how candid or well-framed, has a story to tell.

Shobhit Saheb Dey says 3 years ago.

Summary for a photograph by shirley toulson

Both the happy moments have hsirley to the oblivion, never to return. What this sentence implies is that even the best of poets sometimes fail to give exact expression to such photograh pain because of how deep it goes inside the human psyche, its presence too all-encompassing and profound at the same time to be conveyed in words. With the laboured ease of loss. Free help with homework Free help with homework.

And then, like the poet, one has to take resort in nostalgia and fond memories of the past to soothe their hurting self. Shirley remembers how her mother laughed reminiscing about her visits to the sea shore.

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