Hacker exam may be taken on the last day of the training (optional). Students need to pass the online exam to receive CEH certification. Certification. Number of Questions: ; Test Duration: 4 Hours; Test Format: Multiple Choice; Test Delivery: ECC EXAM, VUE; Exam Prefix: (ECC EXAM), ECCouncil TestKing’s Certified Ethical Hacker () PassGuide 50_,Q&A ECCouncil Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures.

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What Is Vulnerability Research? Examples include stack-based buffer overflows, denial of service DoSand session hijacking. Rootkits include so-called back doors to help an attacker subsequently access the system more easily. Unfiltered mean the port is determined to be closed, and no firewall or filter is inter- fering with the Nmap requests. The hacker uses intimidation so that a lower-level employee such as a help-desk worker will assist them in gaining access to the system.

NY Admin Postal Code: NY Registrant Postal Code: Instead of using the command-line nslookup tool with its cumbersome switches to gather DNS record information, just access the website http: Present the report to the client.

Sometimes the information can be used to launch a social engineering attack. Active operating system fingerprinting C.

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Nodes on a Net- BIOS network infected by the tool think that their names are already in use by other machines. Calling a help desk and convincing them to reset a password for a user account is an exam- ple of social engineering. Which of the following is a type of social engineering? Judy Fung and Bill Gibson Compositor: You can find ldp. Know the components of social-engineering security policies.


This document is usually delivered to the organization in hard-copy format, for security reasons. Be aware of the type of information that can be enumerated on a system. It operates by sending an Internet Control Message Protocol ICMP echo to each hop router or gate- way along the path, until the destination address is reached. LNS reports the existence and location of files that contain alternate data streams.

Many self-proclaimed ethical hackers are trying to break into the security field as consult- ants.

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Using a proxy server can allow a hacker to become anonymous on the network. Angie Denny Book Designers: The first is called a read community string.

Keystroke loggers keyloggers can be implemented either using hardware or soft- ware. Passwords are the key piece of information needed to access a system. DNS server locations D.

A simple zone transfer performed with the nslookup command can enumerate lots of interest- ing network information. In computer security, an exploit is a piece of software that takes advantage of a bug, glitch, or vulnerability, leading to unauthorized access, privilege escalation, or denial of service on a computer system.

TCP connections require a three- way handshake before a connection can be made and data transferred between the sender and receiver. To locate the FTP service on the target host B. A hacker pretends to be a person of authority in order to get a user to give them information. Nmap support several types of scans.

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Kernel-level rootkits are especially dangerous because they can be difficult to detect without appropriate software. It uses sniffing techniques instead of scanning techniques. DNSstuff is another of those tools. They were never given any privileged information from the CFO but were able to obtain all the access they wanted through social engineering.

Restores the connection to a previous state C. An example is calling the help desk and trying to find out a password. Generally, a hacker spends 90 percent of the time profiling and gathering information on a target and 10 percent of the time launching the attack.

Know how to determine which systems are alive on the network. Each time the remainder reveals the address, starting from the least significant value.

This vulnerability scanner produces an HTML- based report of security issues found on the target system and other information. A back door may also allow filettype started by a nonprivileged user to execute functions normally reserved for the Administrator. Computer crimes can be broadly categorized into two categories: When the hyperlink is clicked, the user unwittingly sends their credentials over the network.

An XMAS scan has all flags set. These techniques filetyype part of system hacking, which is discussed in Chapter 4: