nothing special its a owners manual book for 97 marked as used and that it is there is some writing inside it and some wear on the outside of it but. (Free). Chevrolet Blazer Workshop Manual Haynes Spanish; ( Pages). (Free). Chevrolet Blazer Workshop Manual; (1, Pages). (Free). Record 7 – 56 View and Download Chevrolet Blazer owner’s manual online. Manual Transmission Operation 5-Speed This is your shift pattern.

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You may have a lamp that comes on when you lift the hood. How to Add Coolant to the Radiator 2. You need a new tire if any of the following statements are true: Things you put inside your vehicle can strike and injure people in sudden stop or turn, or in a crash. See “Shift Light” in the Index.

Make certain that all wheel nuts are properly tightened. To help avoid injury to you or others: See footnote Inspect air cleaner filter if you are driving in dusty conditions.

Chevrolet Blazer Owners Manuals

Audio Systems Your Delco” audio system has been designed easily and give years of listening pleasure. Back to home page Return to top. What to Do with Used Oil Did you know that used engine oil contains certain elements that may 197 unhealthy for manuual skin and could even cause cancer? Please contact your dealer for the towing information that is appropriate for your particular vehicle.


To remove the front ashtray, lift the release tab as high as possible, then remove the tray. Engine Cuevy Fill F. Are there hidden surface obstacles? Four-door vehicles have smaller ashtrays inside the rear doors. Page How to Check Because this operation can be a little difficult, you may choose to have this done at your GM dealership Service Department. Let up on the brake pedal.

Chevrolet Blazer Owners Manuals | Just Give Me The Damn Manual

It’s the amount of alcohol that counts. Page Engine Fan Noise This vehicle has a clutched engine cooling owndrs. An emergency like this requires close attention and a quick decision. You may have to do more than once.

Page The pegs inside the compartment door are used to make sure the button on the compartment door will contact the control button on the garage door opener. If you try to carry something on top of your vehicle that is longer or wider than the luggage carrier like paneling, plywood, a mattress, and so forth the wind can catch it as you ownees along.

Page Engine Oil Additives Don’t add anything to your oil. See footnote Check readfront axle fluid level and add tluid as needed.


chevrolet blazer Owners Manual | Just Give Me The Damn Manual

Page 97 Windshield Wipers You control the windshield wipers by turning the band 199 the wiper symbol on it. Page Am I likely to stall when going downhill?

When using concentrated washer fluid, follow the manufacturer’s instructions vhevy adding water. Lubricate chassis components or every After a very minor collision, nothing But if the belts were stretched, they would be if worn during a more severe crash. Shift Light You have the shift light if you have a manual transmission. Page 60 This vehicle has one double-sided key for the ignition, endgate, spare tire lock two-door vehicles and door locks.

Adding Equipment to the Outside of Your Vehicle Things you might add to the outside of your vehicle can affect the airflow around it.

You may drive very short distances only a few times week. Periodic Maintenance Inspections Listed below are inspections and services which should be performed chwvy least twice a year for instance. Long Tripmighway Maintenance Schedule you do not use your vehicle under any of these conditions, the fluid and filter do not require changing.